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The entire Shipville Team would like to start by saying thank you to all of its members who have used the service over the years. We have enjoyed the experience immensely!

However, we have decided to close our package forwarding business and focus solely on helping US retailers ship directly to international customers.

We are requesting that you do not ship any new packages to your address effective immediately and that you ship any items that are located at the warehouse before November 1st.

Again, we thank you all for being loyal members.

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International Shipping PluginBegin providing your customers the option of international shipping with our easy to implement eCommerce solution. The Shipville passport integrates with your current platform and provides your customers with a U.S. based address. They choose to ship their order to us and we’ll take it from there.

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International Package and Mail Forwarding Service

International mail and package forwarding

Do you frequently get stopped at the checkout online because the company you are trying to buy from doesn’t ship to your country?

Many merchants in the US do not ship outside the United States, you need the services of a company that will ship from the US to your international address.

Shipville take care of all your international shipping needs from the US, including package consolidation, repacking of merchandise, handling of commercial invoices and all necessary customs documents. Plus we are located in Portland, Oregon so you can enjoy your online shopping TAX FREE!

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Some FAQs


Many US websites and sellers on online market places do not offer international shipping as an option. They will only ship to a US address. This limits individuals outside the US who want to shop for American products or the great prices offered. That is why we offer our package forwarding service to allow you the abillity to buy from any store and ship globally.


When you register for a US address with Shipville, you will be able to shop USA websites, purchase products and have them shipped to your very own US address in Oregon which means everything is TAX FREE! These purchases will be held at your US address until you request for them to be forwarded to your international destination.

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